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Subway Tiles – Timeless Style for Your Home and kitchen

Subway tiles, also called metro or Boston subway tiles, have been used on kitchen and bathroom walls for over a hundred years. They got their name because they were first used in the New York City Subway. These rectangular tiles look classic and are really useful, making them a great choice for inside homes.

Where They Came From

Subway tiles started becoming famous in the late 1800s because they were tough and kept walls clean. When they were building the New York City Subway, architects wanted something cheap and easy to clean for the station walls. That’s when subway tiles, with their simple shape and smooth surface, came into play.
They became popular in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere because they’re easy to take care of and come in lots of colors and designs.

How They’ve Changed

Subway tiles have mostly kept their shape, but they’ve changed in style. In the middle of the 1900s, bigger tiles became more popular, making things look more modern. In the 1980s and 1990s, subway tiles became popular again with more colors and textures for different places.

Why People Like Them
Subway tiles are still a top choice for a few reasons:
  • They last long: Made from strong materials, they handle water, heat, and daily use.
  • They’re easy to clean: Just wipe them down, and they look new again.
  • They work for any style: With lots of colors and styles, they fit in with any look.
  • They’re timeless: They always look good, no matter the trend.

People use them not just in kitchens and bathrooms but also in other places like walls in showers or as decoration outside.

Good Things and Not-So-Good Things
Good stuff:
  • Lasts long: Doesn’t get damaged easily by water or heat.
  • Easy to clean: A quick wipe and they’re good to go.
  • Works with any style: Fits in well with different looks.
  • Always looks good: Doesn’t go out of fashion.
  • Not too expensive: Doesn’t cost as much as other tiles.
Not-so-good stuff:
  • Small size: Takes time to put up, especially in small spaces, and might not look even.
Where They’re Used Now

Subway tiles are not just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. They’re part of the design in different ways. In modern homes, they’re used in living rooms to make them look modern, in bedrooms to make them stand out, and even on the outside of buildings to make them look special.

In the End

Subway tiles are still really popular because they’re tough, easy to look after, fit in with any style, and always look good. They might take a bit longer to put up in small spaces, but they work well in different designs.

Lots of Choices at Face Impex

If you want to see many types of subway tiles, Face Impex has a wide range. They have classic white tiles that look timeless and also tiles in different colors and designs. They focus on good quality, making tiles that not only look nice but also last long.
Subway tiles are always a good choice for designing your home, and with Face Impex’s variety, you can make your space look amazing.


Q. What makes subway tiles a popular choice?
A. Subway tiles are favored for their durability, easy cleaning, versatile style options, timeless appeal, and affordability.
Q. Where are subway tiles commonly used?
A. They’re commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, shower walls, accent walls, and even as exterior cladding.
Q. Are there any downsides to subway tiles?
A. Their small size might make installation time-consuming, particularly in smaller spaces where they may create an uneven visual effect.