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DIY or Pro Tiler : Picking the Right Move for Your Tiles

Thinking About Doing It Yourself?

Should You Do Your Own Tiling? Check Yourself First
When it comes to putting up tiles, it’s a tough choice: should you do it yourself or call in a pro? Doing it on your own might save some cash and make you feel awesome, but you gotta be real about your skills and what the job needs before jumping in.

The Good and the Not-so-Good of DIY Tile Work

Good Stuff about Doing It Yourself

  • Saving Money: Doing the tiling yourself can be cheaper than hiring a professional.
  • Feeling Proud: Getting it done yourself brings a real sense of achievement.
  • Doing It on Your Time: You can work on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Not-so-Good Stuff about Doing It Yourself

  • Need Skills: Tiling needs some serious skill. Messing up could mean spending more fixing it.
  • Takes Time: DIY projects often take longer because you’re learning as you go.
  • Quality Risk: Messing up could make your tiles not look so great, which can hurt your place’s value.
Checking Your Skill Level

Newbie Level
If you’re new to tiling, it might be better to start with easy stuff like small areas or spots that don’t get lots of foot traffic.

Intermediate Level
Got a bit of tiling practice? You might be able to handle some tougher spots but watch out for tricky patterns or big areas.

Advanced Level
If you’re a tiling whiz, tackling complex designs or big projects might be your jam.
Signs You Might Need a Pro

Fancy Patterns or Big Spaces
If your project needs serious precision or covers a big area, a professional might be your best bet.

Lots of Foot Traffic or Big Spaces
Big spaces or areas that get lots of use need top-notch work to keep them looking good. Pros can make sure it lasts.

Special Materials or Weird Spaces
Using unique stuff or dealing with odd spaces? Pros know how to handle those tricky situations.

Exploring Face Impex’s Diverse Tile Selection
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Bottom Line
Deciding whether to DIY or hire a pro for tiling comes down to your skills, what the job needs, and what you prefer. DIY saves money and feels good, but big or tricky jobs might need a pro’s touch. Think about what you can do, how tough the project is, and if it’s time to call in a pro.