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Beyond Kitchen Counters – Quartz for Every Space

Description – Dive into Face Impex’s diverse quartz options, transforming all spaces into stylish havens.


Quartz isn’t just for kitchen countertops; it can jazz up your whole house! Let’s explore how this amazing material can make your home more stylish and sturdy.

Elegant Backsplashes Quartz Backsplashes – Classy & Practical

Quartz isn’t picky; it looks great not only on countertops but also as a fancy backsplash. It’s super easy to clean because it doesn’t let any stains stick. Plus, Face Impex offers tons of colors and patterns, so it fits any style you want!

Now, let’s dive into a bit more detail about these stunning backsplashes. When you install quartz as a backsplash, you’re getting a two-for-one deal: sophistication and practicality! It’s like having your cake and eating it too – it looks amazing while being super easy to clean. And with Face Impex’s collection, you’ve got a rainbow of options to match any vibe you’re going for.

Luxurious Shower Surrounds Quartz in Showers – Spa-Level Luxury

Imagine stepping into your shower and feeling like you’re at a fancy spa. That’s what quartz can do for you! It’s durable and doesn’t mind water, which makes it perfect for your shower. And guess what? Face Impex’s quartz isn’t just pretty; it’s tough too!

Let’s zoom into showers now. Think of quartz in your shower as a ticket to a mini spa in your home. It’s not just about looking posh; it’s about lasting long while looking fabulous. Face Impex’s quartz is a superhero in the world of bathroom materials – it’s strong and stunning at the same time!

Durable Flooring Solutions Quartz Flooring – Beauty That Lasts

Floors take a beating, right? But not if you’ve got quartz tiles! They can handle all the scratches, spills, and stomping around. Face Impex’s range of quartz flooring? It’s like walking on beauty that never fades!

Let’s talk floors now. Quartz tiles are like the superheroes of flooring. They stay cool against scratches, stains, and wetness – perfect for busy areas. And with Face Impex’s variety, you’re not just stepping; you’re stepping in style!

Quartz isn’t just a kitchen buddy; it’s a whole-house superhero! Face Impex’s range of quartz isn’t just about decorating; it’s about making every part of your home better.


Quartz isn’t just a kitchen star – it’s a home’s best friend. It’s tough, stylish, and can transform any corner of your house. Thanks to Face Impex, your home isn’t just getting an upgrade; it’s getting a makeover!


Q. Can quartz surfaces handle kitchen chaos?

A. Absolutely! Quartz is tough enough to handle all the kitchen madness without a scratch.

Q. Do quartz showers need special care?

A. Nope! Regular cleaning keeps your quartz shower sparkling without any hassle.

Q. Can quartz flooring be used outside?

A. It might not be the best outdoors. Consult experts to be sure about using quartz in open spaces.

Q. Can I get quartz in custom designs?

A. You bet! Many brands offer tons of options to match your unique style.

Q. Is quartz eco-friendly for home use?

A. Quartz is relatively eco-friendly, often made with recycled materials. It’s a good pick for a sustainable home.